Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Some say...

EDIT 07/08/05: As true today as it was when it was written...

Some may feel that I need to tone down my rhetoric, that my views are too antagonistic or too violent, that my intolerance of the right mimics their intolerance of the left, that we will achieve nothing if we stoop to their level. To them, I offer the following.

I don't speak out against all Republicans, or against all conservatives. I believe there are many out there with whom compromise and peaceful coexistence is possible. I do not advocate bodily harm to anyone, let alone those with an (R) by their name.


Those persons of reason and compassion are not the ones whose voices are currently heard in their party. The voices we hear offer no compromise or cooperation. My war is with the right-wing pestilence that floods the airwaves and the electron channels of the internet, spewing nothing but hatred and lies for all who believe what I believe. There is no compromise when you are faced with a war you never began. These posters are a cancer on America, and they poison and deface all that makes our country great. And until they cease their assault on liberal America, I will bring the fight home to them by whatever means necessary.

My war is with the Mike Savages, the Ann Coulters, the Sean Hannitys, the Rush Limbaughs, and all the venom-spewing lackeys that hang on their every word and spread their vitriolic bigotry with an eager, shit-licking grin.

I make no apologies for my intolerance of hate-filled fascists. They are a plague that will be eradicated. Their days of domination are coming to an end.


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