Thursday, July 07, 2005

And so it goes...

The War on Terror has escalated yet again with this morning's attacks on the London Underground. Fortunately (if such a thing can be called fortunate) only 33 are confirmed dead. It's tragic, of course, but it could have been much worse. I'm sure everyone's thoughts are with the citizens of London this morning.

If there was ever a doubt that this war in Iraq has made the world more dangerous, it should have evaporated now. Unfortunately, the rhetoric has already begun, that this terrorist attack somehow shows just how important it is that we stay the course.

"The terrorists hate our freedom."

How often have we all heard that self-serving platitude? How many times has that little gem been trotted out to explain away thousands of years of conflict? If you're stupid enough to accept that at face value, then you don't deserve to voice an opinion on global affairs. No, they don't hate our freedom. They hate our arrogance. They hate our interference. They hate how we use them for their oil, but don't give a damn about their culture or their traditions. They hate how we assume that all the world's resources rightly belong to the mighty United States, and we have the right to interfere in the government of any nation we disagree with.

And, yes, they have no problem slaughtering innocent people to make their point. But neither do we. We use smart-bombs instead of car-bombs. We kill tens or hundreds of thousands instead of 33 or 330 or 3300. We call it collateral damage, and pretend that the greater good outweighs the death of innocents, but the families of those victims see only uncaring US arrogance, and respond accordingly. Violence breeds violence, hatred breeds hatred, and right now this War on Terror is in a downward spiral that will only end in more bloodshed.

Right now, there are two equally obstinate, equally closed-minded fanatic groups at war with each other. Neither side is willing to bend, neither side is willing to try and understand the other's point of view. We call them cold-blooded, freedom-hating murderers, and they call us infidels out to destroy Islam. And we both vow each others' destruction.

And so it goes...

As long as neither side is willing to find a common ground, we will reap nothing but death.


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