Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Death is just a new beginning...

November 3rd, 2004.

John Kerry betrayed us all by rolling over and accepting defeat, letting massive voter fraud in Ohio go unchallenged. His rhetoric from the night before about making sure every vote counted was revealed for what it was: hollow, empty rhetoric from another career politician too consumed with maintaining his political position to give a damn about the voters who had just watched the election stolen by the right-wing cabal currently barricaded inside the White House, hidden behind razor-wire fences and armed stormtroopers. I learned on that day that the Democratic leadership was every bit as vacuous and self-servingly dismissive of the concerns of working-class Americans as the right-wing neo-American fascists I despise.

Some might call it a loss of innocence. Some might call it a shattering of illusions. Some might say I was naive in expecting the Democrats to fight for the rights of us lower-class working stiffs, trying to scrape out a living. Some might say I deserved the stab I felt on hearing Kerry's betrayal. But none of us deserved that. And, though some may have seen it coming, I was caught blindsided. Some wept that day. Some raged. Some just sat there, numb to the world. The blind, fascist thugs of the right wing crowed and cheered, too stupid or uncaring to realize that they cheered the death of democracy and freedom. And on that bleak, hopeless day, I put a gun to my head and pulled the trigger.

And so I died. And as my blood dripped from the walls of my tiny studio apartment, I passed out of recorded history, into the void that lies beyond this corporeal world. I passed into the realm of the dead. Time and space lose meaning in that drifting chasm beyond the stars. A century passes in the span of each second, lasting longer than the vast eons stretching back through time, yet gone in the blink of an eye. In this place, the spirits dwell. And there, with no further reason to survive, and no further recourse to take, I lay down amidst the darkness and let it wash over me. I surrendered to the void, determined to vanish into its numbing depths. And, as my eyes shut for what I thought would be forever, I felt as though I was finally gone.

But when I awoke, the world was fire.

I screamed in pain as the flames devoured me, consumed me, destroyed me. The cold numbness of that barren November day evaporated before the raging, molten blaze that surrounded me. Agony beyond belief, a fire so hot it could consume the very coldness of death itself. And as I felt the flames surge through my lifeless veins, I knew that my time here was not yet over.

As the phoenix rises from the ashes of its own immolation, so too have I returned. My mandate is clear, my path is set. Enemies of the People, no matter what party they claim allegiance to, will meet their destruction. Politicians are no longer safe because they keep a (D) by their name. If you put corporate interests above social equality, if you put the desires of the greedy and powerful over the needs of the poor and destitute, if you look to your own re-election before the needs of your constituency, I will be coming for you.

And I will NOT suffer another stolen election in silence.

You want a war, you've got one.

I've already died. Nothing you can do can stop me now.


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