Thursday, July 14, 2005

Treasonous Turdblossoms

An angry President Bush fired top advisor Karl Rove today, saying that his actions in the outing of covert CIA agent Valerie Plame were "inexcusable," and following through on his promise to fire whoever was involved.

At least, that's what SHOULD be on the news. You know, if this administration had even a semblance of honesty or integrity. Instead, we have the entire Republican party spouting "no comment" and trying like hell to change the subject. We get Scottie McClellan stammering and sputtering, looking like one hell of an ugly deer caught in the headlights. Apparently, he forgot what a REAL press corps should act like. It's not his fault, though. The "reporters" covering the White House for the last few years have done a lot to reinforce the idea that they're spineless, servile jellyfish, afraid to dare question the official party line they're being fed. It was kind of surprising to see them badgering poor ol' Scottie over the Rove/Plame connection. I just hope it lasts.

Not gonna hold my breath, however...


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