Friday, July 08, 2005

Why the War On Terror can never be won

Well, other than the fact that you can't fight against a noun...

This war will never end because neither side wants it to. The Bush cabal can use the war to drum up support from the knee-jerk "patriots" that respond to terror attacks with a wave of blind, unquestioning jingoistic fervor. It conveniently wipes away those pesky and troubling investigations into administrational coverups of treasonous retaliation against whistleblowers who question our rationale for invading a sovereign nation. It bumps news of Bush's failed attempts to jeapordize millions of Americans' futures by tying their retirement funds to the whims of the stock market. It distracts people from the dismal economy and staggering unemployment. It lines the pockets of the big defense contractors that own the Republican party. Why on earth would BushCo. want the war to end? To stop the death of American soldiers?

Don't make me laugh. Bush could give a rat's ass how many soldiers die. All he sees them as is fodder for his New American Century.

And as for Al Qaida? Well, the deranged Islamic militants that attack innocent civillians may hold views that we may find objectionable, offensive, or downright ludicrous, but contrary to prevailing redneck opinion, they are NOT stupid. This is the opportunity they have sought ever since the US taxpayers paid for the CIA to bring them all together back in the '80's. We wanted to teach them Russkies a lesson so badly that we gathered militants from all over the world, armed them, funded them, and trained them in the finer arts of terrorist activity. Then we turned them loose in Afghanistan, never giving a second thought to what may happen after they won. Because, frankly, we never expected them to win. We wanted them to be a thorn in Russia's side, forcing them to commit more and more money and troops in an effort to subdue a shadowy, well-organized insurgency in hostile terrain.

Sound familiar?

So now, here we are, in virtually identical positions as the Soviets were. Al Qaida has no desire to end this war, in Iraq or anywhere else. Right now, they have a rallying point for extremists across the middle east. Anti-American sentiment is on the rise, recruitment for the insurgency is higher than ever, and we're spending billions of dollars trying to shore up the damage from our botched invasion, engaged in the impossible task of "weeding out" an insurgency that we have no idea how to defeat. Al Qaida has a way to cripple the US economy. All they need to do is keep this war going. Eventually, we're going to run out of money to keep it up. And the worse things get in Iraq, the more young men will flock to their cause. But since our Fearless Chickenhawk Leaders will never consider withdrawal as an option, we'll keep fighting. And domestic programs will suffer the consequences.

And we, and our children, and our children's children will all pay for Bush's stupid goddamn war.


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