Friday, August 12, 2005

Systemic Failure

My computer is in the slow process of self-destructing, so posts will, unfortunately, be quite infrequent from now on.

I'm struck today by the parallels between my machine and our country's political machine. Both seem to be in a slow spiral of destruction, plagued by corruption and no longer working like they should.

Difference is, I can pick up a new computer for a few hundred bucks. I can't pick up a new legislature.

We are facing systemic failure. Corruption has become so entrenched in our system that not only is it acknowledged, it is actually ACCEPTED by the majority of us. Politicians are corrupt. Everyone knows that. Doesn't stop us from voting for them.

How many legislators actually give a damn about you? About the needs and concerns of the average citizen? How many put your concerns above their own desire for re-election?

Political service.

Ponder that phrase. Time was, once, that our political representatives were actually servants of the people. Servants who gathered in Washington to speak up for the needs of their constituency. Public servants who were there to protect our rights and answer our concerns.

Do you honestly feel that's the case now, with either major party? Sure, there are some lawmakers who still serve the public. But almost ALL put their own career above their duties to us. They spend their whole term running for re-election, and spend their whole lives looking for that break to move up the political ladder and gain another handful of power.

So what's the solution?

Damned if I know, but as long as we remain with only two viable parties, the problems are going to get worse. Neither party has an obligation to serve its base, because both know full well that their base isn't going to vote for the other party. And we're left with a damnable choice. Vote for the party, despite its failings, or toss your vote away on a minority party that doesn't stand a chance of victory, or stay at home and remove yourself from the entire apparatus.

Great fucking choices.

So sit back, drink up, and enjoy. We've got front-row seats for the fall of the Roman Republic, all over again. Next stop, empire. And then we get to see a whole new Dark Age.

Have fun while it lasts, kids. Time to stock up on supplies.